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Don’t You Want a Lawyer in New Brunswick, NJ, Who Will Treat Your Case Like It's the Biggest?

Instead of gambling with your privileges and rights, rely on the qualified criminal defense attorney and familylaw attorney at William C. Miller, Attorney at Law. With years of experience helping residents navigate the New Brunswick courtroom, our legal professional has the skills you need to achieve a favorable result.

Whether you want to file for divorce or you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor, you’ll find the professional who will fight to protect your rights at William C. Miller, Attorney at Law. William C Miller, Attorney at Law can help you child support, criminal defense, domestic violence, DUI, DWI and municipal law court cases. 

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It doesn’t matter what the Supreme Court is deciding this week or which criminal trial is capturing media attention right now, your case is the one that's most important to you. If you find yourself embroiled in the legal system, it’s important that you hire an attorney who takes your case as seriously as you do. Click here to schedule a free consultation with an attorney who will fight to protect your interests and truly believes that your case is the biggest case.

Accomplished at providing effective representation

Being charged with a felony or misdemeanor in New Brunswick, NJ, can result in serious consequences. Drawing on experience gained in both municipal and superior courts, William C. Miller, Attorney at Law will mount a criminal defense based on the evidence and facts in your case.

Municipal court only handles criminal cases in a specific county, municipality or city. Criminal cases that are tried in municipal court include traffic violations, first offense DWI and shoplifting. Superior court, on the other hand, is a higher court that handles more serious crimes such as second offense DWI, heroin charges and homicide.

William C. Miller, Attorney at Law takes the time to research the facts behind your case and provides personalized legal assistance for your criminal or family law issue.


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We take your defense as seriously as you do

When you need an effective defense for your criminal case or quality representation for your family law issue, turn to William C. Miller, Attorney at Law in New Brunswick. Our lawyer understands the emotions that go along with court battles involving family and we do our best to handle your case with the care and sensitivity it deserves.

We’ll sit down with you to explain the legal process so you'll know what to expect. If you have children, we’ll keep their best interests at the forefront of any custody and support agreements.

In addition to aggressively litigating on your behalf during your family or criminal legal battle, William C. Miller, Attorney at Law also has expertise drafting simple wills, estate documents and trusts.

If you want a competent attorney in New Brunswick, NJ, who takes your case seriously and works hard to represent you effectively, call our lawyer to set up an initial consultation.

Our Practice Areas

From a DUI Attorney to a Divorce Lawyer we can help

William C Miller covers all child support, criminal defense, divorce law, domestic violence, drug crime defense, DUI, DWI, family law, and municipal law.

William C. Miller is committed to providing effective professional representation to everyone regardless of their financial circumstances. We will work with you to provide the representation you need and deserve within a budget you can afford.