Upon seeking out William to help me in a visitation case for my long lost son of 16 years. William helped maneuver me through the NJ family court and its many obstacles. our case drug out for about 6 months due to unforeseen issues with my son’s mother. Ultimately no William never did get me visitation that I sought. Instead somehow with some magical twist of legal excellence and also luck I was awarded full custody of a child who was taken and kept from me for 16 years. My son still lives with me today thanks to the amazing Mr. Miller and I voluntarily allow him to visit with the mother who kept him from me. But Mr. Miller never gave up on my case and put in countless unpaid hours running to state offices on my behalf and burning many nights of midnight oil researching and forming my case. I thank you good Sir for doing something for me that a common man such as myself would never have the ability or chance to do. What he pulled off is so unheard of in the legal world I’m still shocked. The odds of getting a father not only custody but the mother was never awarded a dime of child support for the last 16 years she kept the child from me. He is incredibly honest. He signed me to a retainer for a standard visitation case and choose to not charge me a dime over the retainer due to the case twisting into many court visits and extra paperwork that was not within the scope of our original agreement. He could have raked me for thousands upon finding out this was a bigger case or dropped it altogether due to the lack of chance to win. He asked me “how far down the rabbit hole I wished to pursue this legal action” my immediate response without thinking of possible cost was “take us to the bottom of the hole” within weeks of that conversation his words to my concerned wife about cost was “this will cost you nothing over your retainer even if I have to fight for the next 2 years” I would like to say I hope he does something truly amazing with his legal career, but he can retire now for he’s already attained amazing… Good luck to him I hope I never need his service again but if I do I will call him.”


“William walked me through my divorce and made it as simple and stress free as he possibly could have. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of a lawyer!”


“Mr. Miller represented me in a rather complex criminal matter in county Superior court which had immigration ramifications as well. He conferenced with my immigration attorney, came up with the best plan of attack so that I wouldn’t jeopardize my immigration status. He was professional, organized and communicated the whole process very well. His representation helped me remain calm during trying times were other lawyers had promised xyz, taken my money and delivered nothing once my check cleared. If your looking for a quality criminal defense for a reasonable rate I couldn’t recommend him more.”


“Mr. Miller is an OUTSTANDING attorney! He represented me in a very difficult time in my life. I received a better outcome than I had expected. He is driven and does not stop until the job is finished. He even went out of his way to call me to check in on me and my family in our troubled time. If it weren’t for his hard work and dedication I do not want to know where my family and I would be today! I strongly recommend Mr. Miller for ANYONE and EVERYONE who needs someone as determined and brilliant as I did. Best decision I ever made and best dollar I ever spent. Thanks again, Mr. Miller!!!!!!!!”

-Tina B.

“A great guy and a great lawyer. If you ever need one he’s the guy.”

-Eddie F.

“Mr.Miller went above and beyond while working on my case. He made me feel comfortable and more at ease. He worked diligently and efficiently to get me the best possible outcome. In fact, he did so well that we had to double check the price of my fines. Amazing job every step of the way!”


“William Miller is very friendly and easy to work with. He explains everything that is happening and could happen with your case, and details the best route to go. He is also super affordable- other attorneys would charge me nearly twice to three times as much and perform the same job.

I like that I can really be myself around him- he doesn’t judge the mistakes that I’ve made to be in his office in the first place. He is very easy to talk to. He also has been well-educated since he has been working with the NJ courts system before he even went to law school. You can call him at any time if you are worried about your case. That helped me a lot because I am a serious worrier.

In the end, he helped make sure that I, the client, mattered first. I recommend him to everyone I know and my friends have also used him as a lawyer. So thank you Mr. Miller. You’re the best. I don’t need to go to anyone else from now on.”


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