Possession of Marijuana Attorney in New Brunswick, NJ

Marijuana possession of less than 50 grams (or five grams or less of hashish) is a disorderly person offense and can carry the following consequences: up to 6 months in jail, a fine of $1,000 (depending on the amount you are found with), 6 months loss of driver’s license and a drug conviction on your permanent record. To avoid these penalties you should consult with William C. Miller immediately.

After reviewing your unique case and the conditions surrounding the charges I will be able to answer the following questions and potentially prove your innocence:

1- Did the arresting officer act legally in finding the marijuana and making the arrest?

2- Were YOU actually in possession of the marijuana? Can the State prove it?

3- Can the State prove that the substance seized is actually marijuana?

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William C. Miller will work diligently to achieve a conditional discharge for first time offenders. Call my office today to discuss your options and to protect your freedom 732-742-5556.

*Please note that to be eligible for a conditional discharge the defendant cannot have any prior drug conviction in any court in the United States and/or has never been placed in a conditional discharge or pretrial intervention program before.