Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Attorney in New Brunswick, NJ

Being caught in possession of drug paraphernalia is a serious disorderly person’s offense and carries with it severe consequences some of which include; up to 6 months in jail, fines ranging $500-$1,000 and suspension of your driver’s license for up to 2 years. While many of the penalties for possession of drug paraphernalia are similar to those of being charged with possession of controlled substances (CDS), the two crimes should not be confused. To be convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia you do not have to be in possession of drugs, only drug-related accessories like marijuana pipes, bongs, scales, plastic baggies, rolling papers, syringes, cutting agents, or prescription pads.

While defense strategies will vary on a case by case basis it may be possible for me to obtain a conditional discharge* for you. If qualified, the drug charges against the defendant may be dismissed after a year of being placed on probation provided that defendant passes all administered drug tests and does not get arrested during the 1 year period.

If you have been accused of possession of drug paraphernalia, contact me today to protect your rights and freedom. After thoroughly reviewing your case I will fight to have the charges dismissed by way of motion practice or downgraded to a lesser charge. As with any disorderly person’s offense, a misdemeanor conviction of possession of drug paraphernalia requires your immediate attention. Contact me today for a free consultation 732-742-5556.

*a diversionary program in municipal court that exists for first time drug offenders

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