New Jersey law provides special proceedings for victims of domestic violence to obtain the protection they so desperately need. Victims of violence who are of a particular type of relationship to their assailant can get a restraining order in the state of New Jersey if they can demonstrate to a court that their attacker perpetrated one of several crimes against them and there is a special need for protection.

Protective orders can often be obtained by simply contacting the police, obtaining a permanent restraining order will require you attend a hearing and prove your case to a judge. Your assailant will also have the opportunity to be present and make his/her case heard. What you can present in court will be governed by the Rules of Evidence. These rules are often tricky to navigate, even for professionals. To further complicate things; many times the temporary restraining order is missing critical information that may affect your ability to prove your case. If you are a victim of domestic violence, contact William C. Miller at (732) 742-5556 to schedule a free confidential consultation to discuss what other avenues of protection may be available to you.

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