Child Support Attorney in New Brunswick, NJ

Child support can be one of the most complicated areas of family law; often child support can be in dispute for many years. Although an initial order may be fair and reasonable at the time it is made, circumstances change. People lose jobs and change employment. The needs of children change as they get older. Children also grow up and the question of when support should stop will ultimately need to be addressed. As a result child support orders may need to be modified many times over the years.

There is no question about it. Raising a child is very expensive. Most parents want to provide for the children. Unfortunately, for many, this can be quite difficult. If you are a single parent raising your child you should be able to receive child support from the non residential parent. Doing so requires you to file a motion with the court. If you already have a child support order but are not receiving payments, you can file an enforcement motion with the court as well. Lastly, if changed circumstances have created a financial hardship, you may be able to get relief as well.

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