10 Countries with Ridiculous Drug Penalties

Penalties for illegal substances are becoming very heavy throughout the world as the war on drugs spreads. Not only is it a concern between the countries individually, but also throughout different nations in regard to drug trafficking and other means of transporting them across borders. Some states have traditional penalties like jail time, fines, and requiring rehabilitation programs to be completed in some cases. However, some countries go further than those traditional consequences and impose serious and at times ridiculous implication.

Ridiculous Drug Penalties Around the World

  1. Vietnam: If you violate any drug laws in Vietnam, you are looking at 6-36 months of torture, hard labor, and unsanitary living conditions.
  2. China: 1 kilogram of opium or more than 50 grams of heroin can be enough for the death penalty.
  3. Singapore: If you are caught with more than 17oz of marijuana or .5oz of cocaine, you are considered a drug trafficker, regardless of whether you have ever left the country. The punishment for this possession is death.
  4. Malaysia: Similar to the trafficking requirements in Singapore, this nation gives 5 years of prison for a small amount of marijuana and an additional 10 lashes (whipping) for having any amount over 50 grams. If you grow marijuana, you are subject to life in prison as well as 10 lashes. These punishments are not as bad as a dealer’s, which punishment ends in death.
  5. Iran: Not to seem lenient in any way, Iran punishes drug traffickers by public death; possession of marijuana grants you 70 cane lashings.
  6. Saudi Arabia: If you are caught trafficking drugs, you face a public beheading. If you are in possession of alcohol or any other kind of drug, your punishment will be a public flogging (whipping) and a lengthy prison sentence.
  7. Japan: Perfection seeking Japan punishes you for having just one joint for a maximum of 5 years in prison. If you are a foreigner and caught with drugs in Japan, they will ban you from the country forever.
  8. Indonesia: Similar to Japan, possession of a single joint can land you a maximum of 4 years in prison. If you bring drugs into the country, you are looking at a 5-15 year sentence. However, if you try to take drugs out of the country, you face a death sentence.
  9. Philippines: Even if it is your first offense, if you are caught with even a joint, you are looking at about a 6-month jail sentence as well as drug treatment classes. If it is your second offense, your punishment could be 6-12 years imprisonment. If you are caught growing marijuana, you face either a life in prison or the death penalty.
  10. United Arab Emirates: In this country, possession of any amount of marijuana (including evidence of it in your urine or bloodstream) is punishable by at least 4 years in prison.

Contact a Defense Attorney for Drug Related Offenses

While being charged with drug-related offense in the United States isn’t nearly as harsh as the above listed nations, your personal experience with one can still seem overwhelming.  Because there is very little leniency in law when it comes to the possession and distribution of illegal substances, you need the assistance of an experienced defense attorney on your case if you wish to avoid some of the harsher consequences. Call me, William C. Miller, today at (732) 742-5556 to start planning your defense strategy.