After Divorce: How to Co-Parent During the Summer

Another school year flown by! The last day of school is quickly approaching and the kids couldn’t be happier. Children look forward to summer from the day school starts. They can’t wait to spend days in the sun, play with their friends, and have fun. Think back to your childhood, most of your best memories probably took place in the summertime. This time should be spent making childhood memories filled with happy, positive moments with both parents. For your child to have a fun and memorable summer vacation, it requires good co-parenting skills.

Adjust Custodial Agreements for the Summer

Summer can be a challenging time for divorced parents. It can be difficult to balance quality time with your children when their schedules are just as busy as yours with summer camp, sports, sleepovers, play dates, vacations, part time jobs, and other activities. During the school year, families usually have a set schedule with agreed parenting days and times. However, custodial agreements often fail to address those eight to ten weeks when schools are out of session. The best thing to do is to start a conversation. Communicate with your co-parent to discuss summer plans and the best way to way to organize your parenting time. Create a defined schedule that allows for flexibility.

Create a Co-Parenting Schedule

Don’t wait! Start planning your summer now. You only have eighteen summers to spend with your children before they leave for college. Help them create memories that they will remember forever.

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