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Don’t be Another Causality of Domestic Violence If you’ve caught any of the news in the past week like I, William C. Miller, Attorney at Law have, you’re bound to have heard about certain prominent figures being charged with domestic violence.  Education combats ignorance, so let’s take this opportunity to discuss the real facts about […]

Are Smart Phones Making Us Dumb Criminals?

What can possibly be worse than the latest trend of sharing pictures of every meal on Instagram? Posting incriminating photos of yourself tops the list. Social media has made us our own worst enemy. More and more people are being accused, sued, and convicted based on evidence they provided.   Social Media Provides Evidence to […]

How to Avoid a Ticket When You Don’t Have Exact Change for the Toll

You’re about to exit the parkway and come across an exact change lane. Of course, you don’t have the exact change. Or, perhaps you don’t have any change—you can’t even dig up a nickel from between the seats.   Tips to Avoid a Tollbooth Ticket Here are a few things you can do: Suppose the […]

Injunctions 101

An injunction is a type of remedy that may be granted as well as damages. This is enforced by the court and ensures that the other party either does a specific act or refrains from doing so. Restraining orders are an example, restricting the other party from any contact with you. They can be either […]

10 Countries with Ridiculous Drug Penalties

Penalties for illegal substances are becoming very heavy throughout the world as the war on drugs spreads. Not only is it a concern between the countries individually, but also throughout different nations in regard to drug trafficking and other means of transporting them across borders. Some states have traditional penalties like jail time, fines, and […]

After Divorce: How to Co-Parent During the Summer

Another school year flown by! The last day of school is quickly approaching and the kids couldn’t be happier. Children look forward to summer from the day school starts. They can’t wait to spend days in the sun, play with their friends, and have fun. Think back to your childhood, most of your best memories […]

Legal Separation and Divorce

What is the Difference and Whether to Choose One Over the Other I get a lot of questions from people wanting to know what the difference is between a legal separation and divorce and whether they should choose one over the other.  This is an interesting topic and because family law is a notoriously sticky […]

Male Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence refers to certain types of violence between two people who share a qualifying relationship under that specific statute. Under New Jersey law, these types of violence include, but are not limited to sexual assault, harassment, assault, and burglary. It is a common notion that this type of violence requires a male aggressor and […]

Judges Vying to Protect Your Privacy

With the ongoing technology boom, it’s important to understand your rights as they pertain to search warrants and invasion of privacy. As we all know, cell phones and computers contain our entire lives. They hold text messages, emails, and pictures that could possibly incriminate us if they were to be seen by certain eyes. It’s […]

8 Odd Alcohol Laws Across the U.S.

That May Make You Want to Put Down Your Drink Since the era of Prohibition, alcohol consumption has been an ongoing debate in the U.S. Even though the 21st Amendment was passed in 1933 to repeal the 18th Amendment and ended the era of prohibition, there are still many laws that restrict drinking. Some laws […]

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